The 53rd edition of Portugal was all about commitment – commitment to Portuguese fashion and to an industry that is increasingly important on the international scene. Based at the Electric Car Museum, the four-day event began with Bloom, the platform for new designers, and continued on the remaining days with the more established designers who […]

The 53rd edition of Portugal was all about commitment – commitment to Portuguese fashion and to an industry that is increasingly important on the international scene. Based at the Electric Car Museum, the four-day event began with Bloom, the platform for new designers, and continued on the remaining days with the more established designers who make up the main calendar. It was also, once again, the stage for 10 designers from different parts of the African continent, as part of the Canex (Creative Africa Nexus) program. It was a difficult but resilient edition, made possible thanks to the partners, sponsors and supporters who walked side by side with us.



Afreximbank and Canex

For the fifth time, Canex (Creative Africa Nexus) took part in Portugal Fashion, supporting 10 designers from various parts of Africa. The program, created by the African import-export bank Afreximbank, supports and finances the African creative industry, thus working together with Portugal Fashion as a platform for launching emerging designers, and some established ones, into European and global promotion. In this latest edition, there were 4 designers on the Bloom platform and 6 on the main platform, showcasing the colors and joy of a continent as vast as Africa.

Mota-Engil Africa

Mota-Engil Africa was once again a partner in another edition of Portugal Fashion. Mota-Engil’s subsidiary has a significant presence in several African countries, where it carries out various infrastructure projects, including the construction of roads, bridges, ports, airports, dams, railroads and housing. The company is also committed to sustainable and social development in the countries where it operates, including job creation, local workforce training, investments in communities and corporate social responsibility projects.

Porto City Council

Porto City Council has once again become an institutional partner of Portugal Fashion. The executive body of the city of Porto has joined forces with the event to promote the city of Porto, and the entire northern region, as a central European hub for the fashion industry, with all its potential for creativity and “made in Portugal”, widely recognized for its manufacturing qualities. At the same time, the union between CMP and Portugal Fashion is a guarantee of success due to its ability to boost tourism, culture and the various creative industries that take the stage, directly or indirectly, with the Porto fashion week.



El Corte Inglès

In addition to the Portuguese designers’ corner that the Vila Nova de Gaia store has and some brand activations at the Electric Car Museum, El Corte Inglès was also present at the Portugal Fashion event during designer Huarte’s off-site fashion show, in a brand activation on the river, with a sailboat maneuvered by Oporto Sailing, a long-standing partner of the Spanish department store chain.

PAC Capital

PAC Capital is a leading transaction advisory firm with an excellent track record of success in fundraising and financial advisory services covering Aviation, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Energy & Power, Oil & Gas, Agri-Alliance, Hospitality, etc. As a strategic partner, it has teamed up with Portugal Fashion as part of the Portugal-Africa collaboration.


On March 15, Portugal Fashion and NorteShopping signed an annual agreement for 2023. The aim of this collaboration is to materialize a strategy to spread the message of Portugal Fashion, stimulating privileged contact between designer fashion and the consumer, in a commercial space that is a benchmark in our country. Following the launch of the partnership, with the opening of the temporary exhibition “Portugal Fashion Show Off”, which was open until March 22 in the premium Galleria space, the last action of the partnership for this year will be materialized through a pop-up store at Christmas time, thus promoting designer fashion “made in Portugal”.

Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet and Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet

The partnership with the Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet and Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlets, part of the international Via Outlets group, which resulted in the development of the “Imagine-a-Bag Challenge” competition, was announced during the March edition of Portugal Fashion. In this latest edition, the different variations of the winning bag, from the AREA8 brand, were on sale during Portugal Fashion, with a specific installation, and where they were presented. The bags will then be on sale in both centers.



Porto Electric Car Museum

The former thermoelectric power station in Massarelos was the epicenter and heart of Portugal Fashion, bringing together emerging fashion designers (Espaço Bloom), footwear and clothing labels and established designers such as Alexandra Moura, David Catalán, Estelita Mendonça, Hugo Costa, Luís Onofre, Miguel Vieira, Pedro Pedro and Susana Bettencourt, among others, over four days of shows and presentations.




After a few years away, Redken was once again associated with Portugal Fashion. The brand, which is part of the L’Oréal group, was responsible for styling the hair of all the fashion shows at the event, thus guaranteeing a team of exceptional professionals who are used to the stress and demands of a fashion week. Redken is renowned for its presence at various international fashion weeks, always keeping abreast of the latest trends and promoting training sessions for the professionals who are part of its long portfolio.



ATP (Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal)

The partnership between Portugal Fashion and ATP (Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal) goes back a long way. This partnership allows Portugal Fashion to cover all sectors of the fashion industry and create synergies between them, in order to strengthen the international dimension, the capacity for differentiation and the competitive potential of Portuguese companies and products.


Lulubell is a consultancy company that offers tailor-made services and solutions for African luxury brands looking to create and accelerate their business in global markets, while remaining conscious of the people they serve and the planet they inhabit. At this edition, they were responsible for liaising between Portugal Fashion and the African designers who, under the CANEX project, were part of the catwalks (Main and Bloom) at the 53rd Portugal Fashion.




SIXT was once again the mobility partner for the 53rd edition of Portugal Fashion. They were responsible for providing several premium vehicles and transfers during the various days of the event for the international press, buyers, mentors, the Afreximbank delegation, CANEX designers and other special guests. SIXT had a pick-up point next to the Oca Oriental Porto Hotel, as well as next to the Electric Car Museum, and it was essential to energize such a diverse team and audience, from various national and international points of view.



The Oca Oriental Porto Hotel was the official partner of the 53rd edition of Portugal Fashion for the accommodation of national and international delegations, press, buyers and influencers. Located in Campanhã, once a neglected area of the city of Porto, it has been brought back to life through the refurbishment of several buildings for accommodation and hotels. This is the case with the Oca Oriental Porto Hotel.



Caras | Máxima | Portuguese Soul | Saber Viver | Jornal T | Porto Canal | Quarterly

Caras, Máxima, Portuguese Soul, Saber Viver, Jornal T, Porto Canal and Quartely were the media partners for another edition of Portugal Fashion. A group of media organizations representing different genres of journalism, reaching different people, but each one important and relevant to the impact of the message that Portugal Fashion wants to convey.




A long-standing partner, CISION works alongside Portugal Fashion, monitoring the event’s communication on an ongoing basis, both in the press and on social media. It is thanks to this Monitoring Partner that Portugal Fashion also assesses the full impact of its actions.




The National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) once again joined the 53rd edition of Portugal Fashion as Official Responsibility Partner, with a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of using a cell phone while driving.




4ITFUTURE develops tailor-made software solutions and was responsible for developing the accreditation platform used by Portugal Fashion members at the event’s various check-in points.



Zeitreel Sonae

Portugal Fashion’s 53rd edition included several fashion shows as part of the Bloom project, dedicated to promoting and supporting new talents in Portuguese fashion, and, specifically, shows associated with the BLOOM Contest powered by Zeitreel Sonae. Portugal Fashion’s partnership with Zeitreel facilitates the launch of young contestants onto the job market, through the retail brands that the Sonae group owns in the national clothing sector. The Sonae group’s fashion company is once again betting on the future, talent and training, providing an educational and professional experience for young designers.




Seaside was responsible for guaranteeing all the footwear used in the fashion shows powered by CANEX. The international brand of Portuguese origin has over 30 years’ experience in the footwear and fashion accessories sector.




Castelbel, a company specializing in the production of perfumed items for the body and home, was once again part of Portugal Fashion’s official gift bag, providing luxury soaps and candles for the event’s guests.

Companhia Portugueza do Chá

Companhia Portugueza do Chá was once again associated with the 53rd edition of Portugal Fashion, showcasing teas from a variety of origins, which were included in the gift bags prepared for the event.


Lavazza was present at this edition of Portugal Fashion with the boost of energy needed outside and inside the backstage. Lavazza coffee was available at the event to delight and energize all the teams and public present at Alfândega do Porto. The brand was also part of the official gift bag for the event.

Lemon Jelly

Lemon Jelly was responsible for putting on the shoes of all the staff, who during the four days of the event had the opportunity to experience the comfort of the vegan brand’s products. The partnership, made in the year the footwear brand celebrates its 10th anniversary, brought together the creativity of Portugal Fashion and Lemon Jelly, a DNA they share.

Salsa Jeans

Salsa Jeans, a Portuguese jeanswear brand born in the north of the country and known for its innovative denim products for all body types, had the important role of dressing all the staff at the 53rd Portugal Fashion event. This task was completed excellently with an all-denim set for both sexes. They also produced the tote bags for the event.

Águas do Porto

The “best tap water in the country” was present at Portugal Fashion to show the importance of water as a food and resource – as well as the urgency of preserving it and managing it efficiently and with quality.



Quinta da Calçada

The Calçada Wines brand once again joined the 53rd Portugal Fashion to refresh guests, serving premium wine for side events such as the various press dinners. The Quinta da Calçada cellars were founded in 1917, with a focus on quality wines and sparkling wines.


Carlsberg was present at Portugal Fashion during the 4 days of shows and presentations with a bar, helping to refresh guests before, after and in between shows, showing that the brand’s signature makes sense and that it is probably the best beer in the world.


Taylor’s joined the 52nd Portugal Fashion event by offering one of the most recent novelties from the illustrious Port wine house, Croft Pink, the first Rosé Port. Original, unique and innovative, it is, to this day, the benchmark in its style. With vibrant flavors of cherry, ripe raspberry, with notes of honey and grapefruit, on a dry and very attractive finish. A versatile alternative to enjoy at an elegant moment or in a more relaxed way.




The German appliance brand hosted a dinner at its new store in Porto, the Miele Experience Center. Chef Nuno Castro was in charge of the showcooking, on a different evening, marked by high technology and sustainability, values and characteristics that make Miele a benchmark brand in its segment.

Boca do Lobo

The brand was present in Portugal Fashion’s social area with various decorative elements, helping to make the space more comfortable for visitors and modern at the same time. Boca do Lobo’s mission is to reinterpret ancient Arts and Crafts techniques to create exclusive contemporary design pieces.




Tranoï once again joined Portugal Fashion as an official trade show partner for Paris Fashion Week. This partnership brought an added professional and commercial dynamic to the showroom, inviting purchasing agents, investors, shopkeepers and national and international clients to see the collections and make contact with designers and labels.



Marques Soares

Marques Soares was a key partner of Portugal Fashion, with logistical support that contributed to the development of the showroom, a space that allowed various creations to be exhibited to different professional audiences: buyers, importers and exporters, investors, fashion promoters, journalists and influencers.



Café Lusitano

Café Lusitano was the place to relax and socialize on the last day of the event. Known as one of the most emblematic spaces in the city of Porto, Café Lusitano made the 53rd edition of Portugal Fashion even more memorable by organizing an after-party for the fashion edition’s guests.