It was a full comeback. The public once again made the Portugal Fashion runway vibrate in four intense days of fashion, which took place mostly at Alfândega do Porto. In all, 35 fashion shows and spring/summer 2022 presentations from almost 50 brands and creators. Human warmth was once again present at the event organized by […]

It was a full comeback. The public once again made the Portugal Fashion runway vibrate in four intense days of fashion, which took place mostly at Alfândega do Porto. In all, 35 fashion shows and spring/summer 2022 presentations from almost 50 brands and creators. Human warmth was once again present at the event organized by ANJE.

But the return of the public was not the only remarkable fact of this edition, whose program extended from October 12th, with the event Portugal – Africa Investment Roundtable, until October 16th. The 49th Portugal Fashion had the participation of eight African fashion brands and designers, who held individual shows under the CANEX (Creative Africa Nexus) program. In addition, the BrandUp Market & Showroom and BrandUp Sessions with talks, workshops and pop-up stores open to the public returned to the Alfândega do Porto.

And if all this was possible, it was thanks to partners, sponsors and supporters who walked side by side with Portugal Fashion to raise, once again, the best of national fashion talent. THANK YOU ALL.


Institutional Partners

Afreximbank and Canex

The CANEX program (acronym for Creative Africa Nexus) is the result of a partnership between ANJE, through Portugal Fashion, and Afreximbank (African Export-Import Bank), with the aim of promoting the African textile and clothing industry in our country. In this sense, CANEX seeks to empower Africa’s creative and cultural sectors through public and private investments, initiatives to promote internationalization, training and mentoring programs, technical and technological partnerships, digital modernization actions, among other business and human capital qualification activities. For all this, CANEX has a support fund for creative industries worth $500 million (about 460 million euros).


Institutional partner of Portugal Fashion for another edition, the Porto City Council joined the 49th edition, supporting the project with increased resources in order to strengthen the event’s position in the national and international fashion scene, also highlighting the recognition of Porto as an industrial and creative hub. With this strategic cooperation, the goal was to increasingly boost the professional component of Portugal Fashion, in the framework of a city historically linked to the national manufacturing industries, in the textile, clothing and footwear sectors.




Official hair brand of the 49th edition of Portugal Fashion, the Portuguese Lupabiológica is the supplier of all hair cosmetics products and the responsible for ensuring the coordination of hairstyling services of the event. The Bioseivas products of this 100% Portuguese brand were also part of the official gift bag of Portugal Fashion.


Make up


MAC has been the official make-up brand of Portugal Fashion for a long time, ensuring the make-up of the fashion shows and productions of the 49th Portugal Fashion. It already has a wide range of products that meet the most rigorous demands of fashion makeup, such as lipsticks and eyeshadows, which were also present in the Portugal Fashion gift bags.




The 49th edition of Portugal Fashion had the premiere of the brand Bellissimo Cafés in the event. In addition to being part of the Gift Bag provided to the press, it was in charge of delighting and energizing all the teams and public present at Alfândega do Porto. The brand activation took place in the VIP room and in the outdoor patio for access to the invited public.


Bioderma, partner of this 49th Portugal Fashion, was present backstage taking an important role in cleaning the skin and preparing it for the make-up of fashion productions. Besides being the official skincare brand of this edition, its famous micellar waters could not be missing and were integrated in the gift bag offered to the press of the event.

PAC Capital

PAC Capital is a leading transaction consulting firm with an excellent track record in fundraising and financial advisory services covering Aviation, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Agribusiness, Hospitality, etc. As a strategic partner, they have allied themselves following the Portugal-Africa collaboration.


The Portuguese brand Primor – Charcutaria Prima joined Portugal Fashion, for the first time, in this edition. The brand offered meals to the press in an exclusive brand activation. During the days of the event, a private chef prepared, on the spot, delicious and innovative meals with Primor products.

WOW / Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum

With a privileged view of Porto, the WOW Porto is the new cultural quarter of the historical area of Vila Nova de Gaia, full of new experiences and novelties to be discovered. Presented in the last edition of Portugal Fashion, the space integrates, since then, the Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum- Fashion and Textile Museum which will be the stage of a promising initiative to be announced soon and that results from a partnership between Portugal Fashion, WOW and ModaLisboa.


Industrial Partners

ASM | ATP | Fashion From Portugal

The promotion of the development and internationalization of the Portuguese industry presides over Portugal Fashion’s strategic partnerships with business associations in the fashion industry, with entities such as the Porto Selective Association, the From Portugal project and Modtissimo. These partnerships allow Portugal Fashion to cover all sectors of the fashion industry and create synergies between them in order to strengthen the international dimension, differentiation capacity and competitive potential of Portuguese companies and products..


Under the banner MODAPORTUGAL, eleven national textile, footwear and clothing companies joined forces to produce the uniforms of the teams of the Portugal Pavilion at Expo Dubai. The creative process was signed by designer Filipe Augusto and was curated by Miguel Flor. The creative effort was joined by the companies Belcinto, Calvelex, Carité, Lameirinho, Marfel, Paulo de Oliveira, Polopiqué, Riopele, Trotinete, Twintex, and Vandoma, the Portuguese ambassadors of the clothing, footwear, and textile sectors that, in an exemplary manner, reaffirmed their industrial excellence in an aggregating project and a path of close cooperation and mutual support.


Lulubell is a consulting firm that offers services and tailored solutions for African luxury brands seeking to create and accelerate their business in global markets, while remaining conscious of the people they serve and the planet they inhabit. In this edition, they were responsible for articulating the connection between Portugal Fashion and the African designers that, under the CANEX project, integrated the runways (main and Bloom) and BrandUp of the 49th Portugal Fashion.



Neya | Vila Galé

As official hotels of the 49th edition of Portugal Fashion, the Neya and the Vila Galé hosted the other production teams of the event and the press who traveled to Porto. The offer of stays was essential to host such a diverse team. In addition to extending, as usual, to people from all corners of the country, this edition of the fashion show included, for the first time, an African entourage of designers and respective production teams, from various countries of the African continent.



Sic Mulher

Sic Mulher was, for another year, the partner television of the 49th Portugal Fashion, supporting the promotion and communication of the event.




The radio station for great music, RFM, was associated with another edition of Portugal Fashion, promoting the official spot of the issue.


Media Partners

Caras | Forbes | Máxima | Porto Canal | Portuguese Soul | Saber Viver

Caras, Forbes Africa, Máxima, Porto Canal, Portuguese Soul and Saber Viver were the media that officially associated themselves with the event and closely followed all the action lived in Alfândega do Porto and other places of parades, from backstage to the environment that integrated, this time, the warm public. The publications of the media partnerships were essential to give more amplitude to the project’s communication plan.


Digital Media Partner


AMAKA is a digital publishing house that presents diverse and nuanced stories for women from Africa and the diaspora. They provide a platform that highlights and maintains the diversity, dynamism and vigor of pan-African femininity. In this edition, they covered the action that includes African designers on the runways of Portugal Fashion.


Monitoring Partner


A long-time partner, CISION walks alongside Portugal Fashion, permanently monitoring the event’s communication, both in the press and in the social networks. It is thanks to this monitoring partner that Portugal Fashion also evaluates all the impact of its action.


Responsibility Partner


Because fashion is more than fashion, Portugal Fashion has embraced the cause “Zero Deaths on the Road” that joined the consolidated Portuguese designer Katty Xiomara and the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) in an irreverent fashion show with an urban register. In the fashion show DESFILAR EM SEGURANÇA, aesthetics allied with the noblest value that is human life, and a collection of 10 T-shirts on the most emerging themes of road safety: speed, alcohol, cell phones and safety devices.


Mobility Partner


Sixt was the company responsible for providing several premium vehicles and transfer shuttles during the various days of the 49th edition of Portugal Fashion. The transport offer was essential to boost such a diverse team. In addition to the event covering, as usual, people from all corners of the country, this edition of the fashion show included, for the first time, an African entourage of designers and their production teams, from various countries of the African continent.



Calçada Wines

The Calçada Wines brand joined the 49th Portugal Fashion to refresh the guests, serving premium wine in the edition’s VIP room. Quinta da Calçada’s cellars were founded in 1917, focusing on quality wines and sparkling wines.


Castelbel, a Portuguese company specialized in the production of perfumed articles for the body and the home, integrated for another year the gift bag of Portugal Fashion, providing luxury soaps to the guests of the event.

Companhia Portugueza do Chá

The 49th Portugal Fashion had the best teas from the most varied origins, which were included in the gift bags of journalists and special guests. An offer from Companhia Portugueza do Chá.


IQOS, as a brand whose strategy for social and environmental sustainability has long been to support Portugal Fashion and its universe of creativity, was present in this 49th edition with backstage support and in the public spaces of the event.


Maskk is a national company that produces and sells masks and is ruled by the maxim of making personal protection less clinical and more exciting, offering creative designs to certified masks that fit the routine of any person. For this edition, Maskk developed an official mask for the event, which was included in the gift bag for the press and in the uniform of the 49th Portugal Fashion staff.

Metro do Porto

Being one of the transports of choice in Invicta, Metro do Porto has once again joined Portugal Fashion, to promote the event on TV screens on board the carriages, as well as in the metro stations.


Nazareth is a Portuguese clothing brand dedicated to inspiring women for their distinctive combination of kindness and personality. The brand has achieved a sustainable path and recently was part of the Local Goes Global Pop-Up initiative of ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs that traveled to Paris and London. In the 49th Portugal Fashion was responsible for the creative t-shirts that dressed the staff of the edition.


Salsa, from the Sonae group, is a Portuguese jeanswear brand, born in the north and already present in 35 countries. Dispensing with introductions, it is known for creating innovative, young, irreverent denim products for all body types. In this edition, the brand joined Portugal Fashion for the creation of the official “What’s That You’re Wearing” Tote Bag. Produced in a sustainable and conscious way, with leftover fabrics from Salsa, the tote bag was offered to the press of the 49th Portugal Fashion.


The Portuguese sports footwear brand was again present at Portugal Fashion. The staff had the opportunity to wear Sanjo sneakers during the 4 days of the event and experience all the comfort provided by the first brand of Portuguese sneakers, long-time companion of the editions of the fashion show.


The 49th Portugal Fashion integrated in its digital programming several shows under the Bloom project, dedicated to the promotion and support of new Portuguese fashion talents, and specifically two shows associated with the BLOOM Contest powered by Sonae Fashion. Maria Carlos Baptista and Marcelo Almiscarado were the two young designers who presented their collections as winners of the competition.

The contest, supported by the Sonae Group’s fashion company, is a way to provide a unique educational and professional experience to young designers, thus contributing to their launch in the market.


To elegantly refresh the guests of the VIP room, Taylor’s joined the 49th Portugal Fashion event with the offer of one of the most recent novelties of the illustrious Port wine producing house. Launched in April 2021, Taylor’s Chip Dry & Tonic, emerged as the first ready-to-drink white Port & Tonic, in a can. Easy to carry, versatile and ready to be enjoyed anywhere.